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1. Translations 1.1. Locally with PoEdit 1.2. Online with Transifex.com

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1. Translations

Pwic.wiki is fully translated by his main author into:

To extend these languages to new great ones, your help is needed. Thank you if your are interested in contributing.

1.1. Locally with PoEdit

PoEdit is a desktop application that you can download at poedit.net. Follow the install procedure explained on its official website.

Create a new translation in this application and select the file pwic/locale/pwic.pot as the template. The target file pwic.po of your language needs to be saved in the folder locale/{iso-code}/LC_MESSAGES/.

The PO file is a text file where all your translations are stored. However, to be usable, this file needs to be compiled and this the purpose of the menu item Compile MO file. This can be done automatically when you save.

To publish the translation, open a ticket on Github and attach the PO file. It will be merged appropriately after some checks, sanitization and if it is 100% translated please.

1.2. Online with Transifex.com

This website allows PO files as a source of data. So it is very convenient to do online what you can do on your desktop.

Sign up online (enable the HTTP referer in your web browser), verify your profile to disclose or not your personal information, and join the project at:

Select your language and start translating. The user interface is quite simple to use.

Note: if your language is not listed, open a ticket on Github to request it, or follow directly PoEdit's procedure.

The translations are collected periodically, merged appropriately after some checks, sanitization and if they are 100% translated please.

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