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Usual situations arise when you deal with your documentation.

The following table is inspired from real cases and it explains why Pwic.wiki is a suitable solution.

Caveat Proposed solution by Pwic.wiki
What is that file? Why have you created so much documents? An editor cannot start to work on a topic while the project manager has not created the corresponding page. The follow-up of the documentation is secured.
You have not followed the latest template. The new pages can be created in reference to another page that contains the expected template.
The documents don't have the same rendering in terms of font names, font sizes, colors, links… It renders all the pages in the same way because it is based on a text syntax that has no format natively. It automatically highlights any source code with consistent styles across many languages.
The paragraphs don't follow the right numbering sequence. The paragraphs are automatically rendered with a customizable format. No gap can occur in the numbering.
You write duplicate content across your pages. You can link to a paragraph or a document to avoid the redundancies.
Your diagram cannot be modified because you used Microsoft Visio or a picture. There is no solution either. You can attach the original diagrams to the page without taking the risk of a corrupted OLE object.
You pasted a mathematical expression as a drawing and it cannot be modified anymore. It uses MathJax to support MathML and Latex. The sole restriction is that the sign \ should be written as \\.
The title of a page is overloaded with the identifiers of the topic and the project. The pages are marked with a unique identifier and the tags that are widely displayed among the pages. Therefore you don't need to overload your naming convention.
Where is the document you asked me to check? It is accessible online at a unique address with a secured connection. The topics are organized by project, by page and by tag. You can search with keywords easily.
The project tree needs to be reorganized. There is no tree. You organize your pages with other pages. A special page gives you a visual overview of the links between the pages.
Is it the latest version of the document? What is the difference with the document you sent by email? It exposes the latest revision of a page and all its history linearly. The revisions can be compared.
The administrator has not granted me access to the file. Your projects are private or public. If a document needs to be published, it must be backed by a public project. No effort will be spent on managing individual links.
I have N files for N versions. Each topic is 1 page with N versions accessible from the history. The draft revisions are deleted once a final revision is posted.
We both worked on the same revision and we now have 2 versions. The history is linear. Therefore you cannot submit a revision in parallel of someone else.
I can't read the Word document to validate on my phone. It works on desktop and mobile devices. You can share a link to the expected content (page, paragraph, document, special page…).
Have you validated the specification? A user with the profile Validator can mark a final page as validated. All the pages are signed with a public hash key to ensure that they are not administratively modified.
Where is the validated specification? A validated page cannot be changed or deleted anymore.
Put the PDF of the validated document in the sub-folder. The validation is made online and cannot be cancelled. Managing PDF files is not needed but you can do it for archiving purposes only.
Have you copied the link into the bug tracker? The links never change, except for the paragraphs if you change the plan of the page. The links to a page, a paragraph or a document are basic and human-readable compared to some other professional products.
The service provider left with unpublished files. (or) Did you published the documentation before the release? It guides the users to work online, at least to post the final documents. The development team can put a veto if the information is not posted online correctly.
The shared workspace is not accessible anymore. When you disable a user, it indicates if the project has a remaining administrator. The ownership can be overridden with a command line. You can also enable the automatic joining.
The online workspace is too long to load and exhausts my remaining battery. It is focused on the performances by not using any fat JavaScript that could slow down your web browser. You waste no accumulated seconds of work.
The sovereignty and privacy of my documentation are in danger. You host Pwic.wiki where you want. You own your data in an open-source database used by billions of devices. You can defend better your documents against the spying.

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