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1. Installation 1.1. Wizard 1.2. Code interpreter and tools 1.3. Files 1.4. Database 1.5. Configuration 2. Translations 3. HTTPS 4. Federated authentication 5. BI reports 6. Advanced scripting (optional) 7. Advanced hosting in Docker

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1. Installation

The file README.md gives a quick procedure, but let's go into details below.

Don't be afraid by the length of the page, it is very easy!

1.1. Wizard

If you want to install Pwic.wiki by shell and with guidance, you can follow this wizard. Answer few questions, run the downloaded script on your host, and jump to the next chapter.

Else, continue to read.

1.2. Code interpreter and tools

1.3. Files

1.4. Database

1.5. Configuration

You can use many global and project-dependent variables described in the help file. By design, the most sensitive or global ones cannot be changed online.

All the options can be set by command line, which makes Pwic.wiki very convenient to deploy and maintain by shell: python3 pwic_admin.py set-env --help

Once you secured your instance, you can use the public bind address or :: and change the port in the command line: python3 pwic.py --host --port 8080. Under Linux, the ports below 1024 need an access as root, which is not recommended by principle for Pwic.wiki. The optional but recommended usage of a reverse proxy server or NAT rules solves this question.

2. Translations

Pwic.wiki is shipped with few default languages (EN, FR, DE). You can help to localize the application into your own language. The procedure is quite simple.


The activation of HTTPS is done in a second step after your instance is running well with the classical HTTP. Because getting a TLS/SSL certificate is complicated, a dedicated page explains the procedure.

4. Federated authentication

You can authenticate on a remote server and Pwic.wiki allows you to connect afterwards. A dedicated page explains the procedure once you finished the previous steps.

5. BI reports

The procedure is explained on that page.

6. Advanced scripting (optional)

To view our scripts used to maintain Pwic.wiki from shell, just click here.

7. Advanced hosting in Docker

A dedicated page explains the procedure.

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